How to Save Money on Car Rental Reservations

How to Save Money on Car Rental Reservations

Experienced car renters will tell you that it is easy to book a car quickly and make sure they get all the perks. However for the novice car renter this is a daunting task. Now thanks to the internet you don’t have to be an experienced car renter to get a great deal on car rental and do it quickly as well.

Plan your car rental in advance. We are not asking you to do this a month in advance but a planning of at least a week in advance always pays off greater dividends. Before you make this booking, comb the internet for the best deals. It is easier to do that your preconceived notions about it. There are thousands of car rental companies on the internet. You of course do not have the option to search through these thousands of websites. You will therefore have to narrow down on the car rental companies that operate in the area of your living or the area where you are going to visit.

The good thing about online portals of car rental companies is the fact that there are certain well established companies that offer not just national but international footprint. This means that you can utilize the services of that company in Bali as well as in New York. They offer the same quality of service everywhere. If you are relying on small car rental companies then you will have to tread more carefully.

You can start with the small companies and with small vehicles. If you do not have a lot to spend or you want to save it for other tasks then it is always a good idea that you use smaller car rentals. Their rates are almost always lower than the giants and they offer a moderately satisfactory service. You will also be able to extract greater discounts.  You can strike a deal with a company and tell them that you will become a frequent renter if you like the first experience. Most, if not all, companies offer additional discounts for people who have the chances of becoming loyal customers.

Mileage limits and upgrades can work in your favor if you have strike a good deal with these renters. If you want to use the giants in car rentals then try to sign up with their frequent renters programs. This will land you greater discounts and additional perks like upgrades to a limousine instead of a Honda Civic and complimentary drinks and other food items. You can also use greater discounts if you have booked over the internet. Try to find websites that offer additional discounts for the internet bookings. Travel and hotel websites also have special sections for car rentals and some of them offer excellent reviews and customer ratings that will help you in selecting the best deals.


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