Facebook hotels pages – Information, photos, community, marketing, reservations

There are fan pages for just about everything on Facebook these days: pages dedicated to celebrities, television shows, books and movies. There are even pages dedicated to daily activities, such as preparing coffee in the morning and setting off before going to bed. There are also countless pages dedicated to hobbies, and travel is no exception. Due to the constant advancement of technology in the travel industry, there are now a lot of Facebook hotel pages that are dedicated to providing hotel information for the millions of Facebook users who are passionate about travel and Facebook and want to combine their two loves. Some of them even help you make reservations.

Facebook hotel pages provide important service to fans of those pages and the hotels behind the pages. By indicating that they "like" the fan page, Facebook fans can access an entire community dedicated to the respective hotel. They can leave comments on the wall of the page. They can send private messages with questions to the page administrator. They can participate in the discussions that are set on the page and can be about any topic related to the page that the imagination can dream of. They can even ask about reservations and get special offers that are only offered to Facebook fans.

Facebook was designed as a site for sharing information and communication with friends, colleges and family. A few years ago, companies began to take on their business, when brands wanted to reach their markets with a more personal appeal. Tourism companies found it for the same reason at about the same time. In this process, it caused a fundamental change in marketing. The old way of "spinning and hype" in the era of persuasion is replaced by a more authentic effort to help, explain and invite people to participate. The core technology is perfect for this form of communication, but hotel and tourism marketers have felt the need to remove customers from Facebook pages and their own site as soon as possible. The reason is that Facebook was not designed as a business site. But that has changed and perhaps the most important change is the emergence of third-party tourist booking engines and publication systems that make the hotel's Facebook pages a place for business, vacation booking, requesting changes, as well as reading and sharing reviews. travel, beef, praises and holiday experiences.

Several companies have now submitted Facebook publications for hotel and tourism marketing. These companies have different approaches, but most offer an online travel agency service, where the booking engine charges a commission back to the hotel. Instead, hotels want their own marketing and reservation solution, which creates direct sales and loyalty to the fans to the brand and not to the travel agent. The best of these solutions is also a management system for publishing and e-commerce, which will upload information, season, rooms, rates, images and content on the hotel's Facebook page and manage all changes in one system that was published at 100; s other travel marketing sites.

With these new Facebook e-commerce applications, it has never been more convenient for travelers to keep up to date with the latest information at their favorite hotels. Travelers have never been connected and empowered at their favorite hotels. It's a win-win for both hotels and travelers. Now, they are able to communicate more clearly than ever before to float the perfect travel experience together.