Hotels in India

Given that India is a major tourist in the world, hotel availability is not such a problem. However, every tourist in India, local or foreign, would better plan their trip in advance so they can find a hotel that best suits their needs.

There are a number of questions that you must answer before finding the right hotel choice for your trip to India: What are your individual interests and inclinations? Looking for a relaxing holiday in India, maybe on a beach or a hill station, where you can recharge your batteries? Or is your vacation incomplete without the adrenaline rush accompanying the rush of rocks and plunging into raging torrents? Is the creature comfort of the hotel essential to you or are you digging a log cabin in the woods with all the weights involved? Again, you are one that falls for the five-star glitter or is it an elegant hotel with the charm of the old world, more to your taste.

An important aspect in choosing the hotel is the budget. Are you ready to spend a premium on the style that suits you or do it? India on the way to cutting?

As you plan your trip to India, consider where the hotel will be located. As they say, it is about "location, location location". For example, if you have a specific interest in India, say a wildlife reservation, it makes sense to stay as close as possible to it, rather than booking a hotel away and spending time and energy commuting. Again, does your itinerary require a central location, or would you prefer a hotel in a setting with fabulous views?

These are some of the hotel options that may be available in India.

Five Star Hotels in India: Often owned by prestigious names in the Indian hotel industry, such as Taj or Oberoi, they offer the most in terms of comfort and excellence in service. While most major chains have hotels in major Indian destinations, here hospitality comes at a price.

Heritage hotels in India: These were formerly palaces or mansions belonging to the princes or nobility of India, which have now been transformed into hotels. For a price, tourists can experience a portion of Indian history and romance. Rajasthan, Mysore, Hyderabad are some of the Indian states where heritage hotels are located.

Green Hotels in India: These hotels offer you a close communion with nature during your stay. Most of them are located in picturesque locations, around forest reserves, hill stations or environmentally sensitive areas. While many such hotels in India are committed to preserving natural resources, with others, it is often just a sales trick.

Wellenss Centers or Spas in India: India being home to the holistic science of Ayurveda, these hotels offer you massages, detoxification and fitness routines to rejuvenate your body and soul. Kerala, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Rishikesh and Rajasthan are some of the places where they are found.

Budget hotels in India: While many budget hotels do offer decent accommodation and great food, the same cannot be said for everyone. Again, while some have pleasant surroundings, set in plum towns, others, perhaps no more than congested hotels.