The first hotel for women was opened in Saudi Arabia

The first hotel in the country, which is exclusively for women, was opened in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The regulations currently in force in the Kingdom state that a woman (a local resident or a tourist) who is not accompanied by a guardian, who may be her husband, father or someone else, has no right to stay in a hotel. or to book a single room. These regulations do not apply to the new hotel for women.

"Luthan", as this hotel is called, includes 25 rooms and several conference and reception rooms. It was built on the initiative of some Saudi businesswomen and was intended to make their lives easier and travel throughout the country.

Prince Sultan ben Salman, who is the head of Saudi Arabia's Supreme Tourism Committee, attended the hotel's opening ceremony and said he hoped that such hotels would soon be built in the other cities of the country and he would, no doubt, contribute to the development of the business activity of Saudi women.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most severe Muslim countries. Unlike other Islamic countries, women in this country are not allowed to drive a car. They are also prohibited from participating in elections. However, in recent years, Saudi women have been more actively involved in the social life of the Kingdom.

Valentine's Day s ( was also banned by the vice-team in Saudi Arabia-which cannot be hoiliday celebrated and it is a sin and contributes to the non-marital relations between men and women.