Boutique hotels in Paris – treat yourself a little

If you are looking for another place to stay in Paris, boutique hotels are a good alternative to the usual luxury accommodations available in the French capital.

Wouldn't it be nice to find a place like home, with a unique design and ambience in which you are treated as an exclusive guest? This is about boutique hotels.

How do you know a hotel is a boutique or not?

A confusing thing for customers is that "boutique" is not defined by official rules. What is and what is no longer in the eyes of the beholder. The fact that everyone in the industry wants to be a boutique caller adds to the confusion.

There is no sure way to separate claims from the genuine shop, but following a few simple steps will help you find the real deal.

Boutique hotels in Paris are smaller properties with typically fewer than fifty rooms. They share the following criteria:


They are located in the best areas of Paris, Champs Elysees (8, 9), St Germain des Prés (6, 7), Marais (3, 4), Montmartre (18). Try to focus on these locations.


Offering a feeling of exclusivity for guests does not just mean providing fancy furniture. It is a well thought out work by the designer to create a unique atmosphere, with the right balance of colors, lights, fabrics, furniture and great attention to detail.

A unique ambience is the hallmark of a good boutique hotel. In Paris you will find a different style:

Contemporary – minimalist – Zen: Simple and relaxing.

Classic – vintage – historical: For a time travel.

Designer-trendy-artistic: colorful, innovative and high-tech.

Make sure the style suits your taste before making a reservation. Visit the official websites of the hotel to read descriptions and see photos. Look for customer reviews and photos posted on non-travel travel forums and websites.

Customer service

Customer service and satisfaction are at the heart of the boutique concept. Hotels in this category are usually four-star properties. Some three stars also joined. They usually have the facilities you can expect in a luxury hotel, spa, pool (some have it), lounge bar, reading room, gym … Check again what is offered on the sites and read what the customers are saying and how they rate it.

Excellent location, unique ambience, small size and quality customer service are the ingredients you need to see to ensure that the hotel will provide that sense of exclusivity and uniqueness.

How do you book online?

If you search for "Paris boutique hotels" in the search engines, you will find a number of specialized booking sites in this market segment. Compare their deals with hotel rates. The hotel's official websites often have early birds and seasonal offers that could significantly reduce regular rates.

Whether it is design, contemporary or classic, staying in a small exclusive hotel is a rewarding experience and can truly enhance the pleasure of your stay in the French capital.