My week of detoxing and relaxing at a mountain retreat

Between missions and feeling a little slow, I scanned the endless pages of the seaside resorts, in places of hippy dippy spirituality and in many health hotels or exercise regimes disguised on vacation. I wanted the opportunity to perfect myself both physically and spiritually, but I wanted it on my terms.

Searching for something different online, I found what we were looking for, still researching the facilities and going easy & # 39; approach to this exclusive mountain retreat, firmly concluding the agreement. I am an adventure tourist sometimes and I enjoyed kayaking and mountain biking, so a place with activities offered an excellent alternative for sunbathing and relaxing, if I became a little kind. The booking procedure was very simple, and the next day I received the booking confirmation and the payment balance invoice. Also, attached to my welcome email was presented with a careful reservation form, which asked a few simple questions about my personal requirements during the stay, a pleasant note. I have never been to a mountain retreat and, although I used to travel alone for both my work and the odd vacation, I must admit that I am always so anxious that I am a lonely woman on a mountain, at middle of nowhere, in a foreign country. Focusing on the positives, I finished packing and headed for departures.

Despite my flight being delayed, I was greeted at Sofia Airport by a friendly Bulgarian gentleman, who made up for his lack of English with a warm smile and genuine mannerism. My driver loaded my luggage into a spacious, executive car and drove to Kardzhali. The trip was interrupted by a short stop for refreshments and before long we walked to Kardzhali for our meeting with my hosts, where I was offered additional refreshments while my luggage was transferred to a land rover for the final ascent & # 39; # 39;. When we left the city and headed for the mountains, we talked about Bulgaria, the roads, the weather, the work, the food and London until the landscape I was traveling through could no longer be ignored. I was told that beauty is improving as we delve into the mountains, and after 30 minutes, the stunning scenery almost made me speechless! There was no doubt in my mind that the Rhodope Mountains are indeed a special place. When I arrived at the destination, my choice for the mountain shelter was already exceeding my expectations, the location of the house and the views are absolutely amazing. I was soon shown accommodation, which was all I could hope for and much more.

The self-contained apartment offered the perfect mix of rustic charm with warm wood floors and furniture, coupled with exceptional cleanliness and a wonderfully spacious shower room. Everything was very well presented, and the kitchen was fully stocked with everything I apparently needed for a week and many more to load it. Let detoxification begin! During the week at my mountain shelter I wanted to reach a few small goals. So, I needed to eat a balanced diet of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of clean water from mountain springs, breathe great mountain air, make daily efforts and greatly improve my tan as I think. to positive thoughts. As time passed, I began to feel completely at ease with everything in the mountains. The friendly villagers I spent on my many short walks and hikes would make waves and smile, my hosts were always available if I needed anything and I really liked the feeling of being alone when I went on trips, even if I have never been more than a mile or two from friendly faces.

The sun bath started on the first day and I was shown the first places for both viewing and confidentiality. Being able to take a completely empty bath was a necessity for me and I immediately felt at ease. Lying in bed that night, I knew I was already well on my way to a feeling of complete well-being and relaxation. During my week on the mountain, I toned my back and released my tasks from my mind. I laughed, cried, reflected and refreshed my ambitions. I highly recommend a leisurely break in the beautiful Eastern Rhodopi Mountains. I looked good, I felt fantastic and I only regretted that I had to leave my mountain in retirement when my time was up.