The best luxury hotels in Scandinavia

Scandinavia offers the world of fjords, Midnight Sun, Aurora Borealis, Abba and Ikea. Officially, Scandinavia refers to the countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, although sometimes Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are included. It is an invigorating area of ​​beauty, unaltered, rich in history, architecture and legends, but it is often regarded as an […]

Luxury Bangkok Hotels – Finding the Right One

Visitors have something to be happy about while staying in Bangkok: many of the luxury hotels in the city are some of the most accessible in the world, while maintaining first-class facilities and services. But to find the right one, you have to choose in which area you want to stay. You can choose to […]

Hotels in Central Rome – Termini station area

The beautiful Italian capital should not need an introduction to travel tourism, as it is a destination that is hosting many well-known landmarks and sights, from the old Roman Coliseum and the grounds of the nearby Roman Forum to the three "music boxes". ". „Which make up the modern complex Auditorium. Then, of course, there […]

Udaipur Accommodation

Udaipur is a passionate destination with a flourishing environment of green hills and lakes. People visit this place all over the world to see every year this beautiful city of lakes. Even Hindu disciples from all over the country pay tribute to the many pilgrimage sites in and around Udaipur. To provide a relaxing stay, […]

Hotels must adapt to the next generation of guests

For years, the baby boomer generation dominated and dictated how hotels behaved and marketed themselves. But now, as more and more Gen Y's s and Gen X's When traveling, hotels will need to become more sensitive to their travel needs and habits. And with the advent of social media as an important marketing platform, hotels […]

Past Links – Historic Miami Beach Golf Hotels

From the famous mansions stretching on Worth Avenue and the private expanse of clean Palm Beach to the lively tropical oasis of South Beach in Miami, South Florida has always been a prime destination for luxury and decadence. Rich in culture and history, Miami offers an escape into a world of palm trees, sea and […]