Hotel Jayamahal Palace – Hotel in Bangalore

Jayamahal Palace Hotel was built in 1900 and is the most popular four star hotel in Bangalore. The palace is known for its royalty and refinement. The Jayamahal Hotel failed to delight you while staying at the hotel. The hotel has 48 well furnished rooms; you can feel free to stay in any of the […]

Grand Mayan Resort – Riviera Maya

The Grand Mayan Resort is located along a beautiful white sandy beach, between Cancun and the picturesque fishing village of Playa del Carmen. Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, this exclusive resort offers a window into ancient Mayan history, amidst tropical beauty and modern amenities. The Grand Mayan Resort is built around an […]

Win and table in Kolkata

Talk about inexpensive food and Kolkata is at the top! You can find a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the gastronomic delights offered by this fascinating city. From PuriSabzi to the Parsi Patrani Macchi food – the place offers a meal for each palace. There are many restaurants in Kolkata […]

My week of detoxing and relaxing at a mountain retreat

Between missions and feeling a little slow, I scanned the endless pages of the seaside resorts, in places of hippy dippy spirituality and in many health hotels or exercise regimes disguised on vacation. I wanted the opportunity to perfect myself both physically and spiritually, but I wanted it on my terms. Searching for something different […]

The best restaurants in the world

If you like good food, you might be wondering about the best restaurant out there. Well, here is our list of the top 12 best restaurants in the world: 1. Restaurant De Crissier Hotel This amazing restaurant is located in Crissier, Switzerland and is considered one of the best restaurants in the world. The Hotel […]

Herbs and spices in the facilities of your hotel?

Often, in cooking, you have to add "herbs and spices". But is there a difference between these two things? Yes, there really is. A plant is usually found in the leaves of the plant, where, usually, the spice comes from seeds, berries, bark, root and fruits. Many herbs and spices are found in cooking, medicinal […]

Auburn Hotels for film

Located in eastern Alabama, Auburn is not a city that is easily dismissed as just another city in the south, in "boonies". Originally known as "The Loveliest Village on The Plains", Auburn was named in the top 10 best places to live in 2009 and is the ninth fastest-growing area in the US. Auburn is […]

Details about luxury luxury hotels

In recent years there have been many changes in the hotel industry. Such changes have been made globally. When the recession hit the globe, there were a lot of changes in the demands of people across the industry. Everyone wanted good quality and first class services, and all of these should be available to people […]