The best luxury hotels in Scandinavia

Scandinavia offers the world of fjords, Midnight Sun, Aurora Borealis, Abba and Ikea. Officially, Scandinavia refers to the countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, although sometimes Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are included. It is an invigorating area of ​​beauty, unaltered, rich in history, architecture and legends, but it is often regarded as an expensive place to visit with many exclusive hotels. Indeed, apart from electricity and alcohol, most of the costs are in line with London, so go ahead and book a break at one of Scandinavia's gorgeous luxury hotels, celebrate like a king, shop in moderation and experience these wonderful northern countries.

Luxury hotels in Norway
Described as the "most famous hotel in Oslo", the decadent Grand Hotel is wonderfully located between the Royal Palace and the Parliament building, on the elegant Karl Johans harbor. This timeless icon is the luxury hotel of choice for celebrities, world leaders and extenuated guests. Check out the glass painting in the banquet rooms – created with a dental exercise, and the royal photos in the King's Salon, before heading out to see Viking ships from the 9th century in Oslo & # 39; the fabulous museum.

Luxury hotels in Sweden
For those visiting Sweden, it must be Stockholm. This graceful city is built on 14 islands, at the mouth of Lake Malaren. Choose from one of Sodermalm's modern contemporary boutique hotels, such as the Rival Hotel, and explore the cobbled streets of historic Gamla Stam. Owned by the composer Abba & # 39; Benny Andersson, Rival Hotel is a boutique style hotel with a unique difference in attention to detail and commitment to personal services.

Luxury hotels in Denmark
71 Nyhavn is charmingly located on the shore of the port of Copenhagen. Discover the enchanting world of Hans Christian Anderson with the sights of Amalienborg Castle, the historic anchor on Kongens Nytorva Square and the fabulous shops on "Stroget". The former warehouse that now houses 71 Nyhavn still exudes the slight aroma of spices once stored here. Now a conscientious luxury hotel, this "Cheia Verde" establishment is one of the best luxury hotels in Denmark.

Maintaining quality security standards in the hospitality industry

The security of the hotel, in terms of security, requires security officers who are fully trained; PSIRA registered, knowledgeable and known and, of course, presentable and well maintained. Especially if the supply of services and the appearance of the elements of services in the hospitality industry are of particular importance, it is important that hotels / lodges have a security guard solution that is in parallel with the presentation and service standards.

On the other side of the fence, where the private security industry is served by a large number of security companies, it is obvious that in some areas of the security industry, the lack of participation in contact with customers and on-site experiences is perceived, and, in consequently, it affects the quality of the service provided.

In perspective, it was considered that a 360 degree security offer is what hotels and lodges really need. A private security company that adds value to their hotel security offering, offering a complete service security solution, transparent in all aspects of service provision, is the one that provides a competitive advantage.

In addition, it is not important to simply provide an excellent security service (or a concept of it), but to maintain and maintain the quality and level of security services provided to these hotels and lodges.

How to maintain the quality of the standards of security services provided to hospitality clients:

1. Check the spaces. Here, it is important to make sure that all physical security measures are implemented, for example fencing, surveillance, presence of security guards and equipment.

2. Analyze the perceptions regarding the guests, staff and managers of the unit to understand the overall satisfaction with the security guard company existing at the hotel / lodge.

3. Measure the current level of service provision in terms of basic service elements related to existing services: security guard service, security guard assignments and achievements, specific security training of security agents / security agents and if they are respected hotel security procedures, which has an impact on the general aspects of service provision.

4. Check the quality of the specific elements of the available hotel security services, to indicate the quality of the output of the service elements that are measured according to their presence and the degree of satisfaction of the performance of these service elements. .

5. Record the results above, where the result indicates the quality of the performance of your current security offer.

6. Use the result to focus specifically on improving current security services and hotel security management, ensuring that these elite standards are constantly monitored, where high quality levels and customer focus become the focus throughout. the areas of service provision.

As mentioned above, involving customers in the service experience and building a relationship with these customers, is what really sets up a security company over the other. By involving customers, the service provided is constantly being improved and customers needs are met through constant communication.

Luxury Bangkok Hotels – Finding the Right One

Visitors have something to be happy about while staying in Bangkok: many of the luxury hotels in the city are some of the most accessible in the world, while maintaining first-class facilities and services. But to find the right one, you have to choose in which area you want to stay. You can choose to stay in busy areas of commercial cities, such as Sukhumvit, Siam or Silom, or the Chao Phraya River.

Sukhumvit and Siam are great places for shopping and entertainment. There are numerous huge contemporary malls, many of them bearing high class designer names, fashion boutiques, excellent restaurants and entertainment such as cinemas, bars and more. Sukhumvit and Siam are great areas for access to many attractions in Bangkok. Some of the first-class hotels around Sukhumvit include very contemporary Fraser Suites Sukhumvit, for example. Siam luxury hotels include Mystery Hotel Siam Bangkok and many more.

Silom is the central old business district of Bangkok. There are numerous headquarters of financial institutions, banks, law firms and corporations. Also, Silom has some first-class hotels, such as the very luxurious Dusit Thani Bangkok, Center Point Saladaeng and many more. But among the tall buildings are a handful of art and antique shops and some good bars and restaurants. In places like Silom Village, you can find some beautiful local treasures and art pieces.

As the sun sets, Silom turns into a different place, with its vibrant local street markets on the roadside. There is also Patpong, which is known for its wild nightlife and sexy entertainment venues. Also, Sukhumvit and Siam have some great areas for a fun night out, with many options tailored to your taste.

The banks of the Chao Phraya River are one of the most interesting places around Bangkok. Among the tall buildings, you can see an old tradition of local commercial boats floating on the river, as well as some impressive temples. The coastline is where some of the most important hotels in the city are located, with many first-class hotels such as Bangkok Marriott Resort and Spa, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and many more.

Near the river is Sanam Luang, which is the political capital of Bangkok. Here, you can find many landmarks and historic buildings. The area is less affected by contemporary buildings and goes at a more relaxed pace compared to the more crowded areas of the city. For a truly luxurious time in Bangkok, you can cruise on the Chao Phraya River, which offers dinner and private candlelight parties.

Ask yourself these five questions before making your hotel reservation

When making hotel reservations, some people tend to hurry up and overlook important issues that can improve or hinder their vacation or business plans. Some argue that accommodation can be the most important aspect of a trip, as the place you sleep tends to set the mood for the rest of your trip. Whether you're traveling in a group setting, with your immediate family or solo, you should take a look at the following five questions to always ask yourself when booking your next lodging:

1. Do I visit a wonderful city?

You may not always have control over your destination, but the city or city in which you reside will matter. Take a look at the surrounding area and choose a place that can ensure you have a wonderful visit. If you are not sure about the local attractions, contact the hotel porter or the local Chamber of Commerce for information. Pay attention if there are festivals during the visit and take special note of the season. Your attention to the small details of a venue can really help (or hurt!) Your visit.

2. Is the staff friendly, professional and experienced?

The hotel reservation should revolve around your relationship with the staff. If you feel that the staff is immediately rude and unrepentant, then go with your instincts and find another place. If it's just an employee, ask to speak to the manager. A well-run hotel should employ a friendly staff with experience in the hotel industry. A knowledgeable and friendly staff can really help you in many aspects of your trip and even make a difference.

3. Do the rooms offer what I need?

Most hotels offer a variety of rooms. Consider who you will be traveling with and find the best deal in a well-appointed room. Ask about different rental options and compare rooms. Ask about bed, single, double or full and choose something that suits your budget and personality. Also, don't neglect to ask yourself both the look in the room and the location of the room at the fire exit and other important buildings.

4. Have I checked a special offer?

Nothing can help you save money faster than looking for deals online. This can be from different travel search engines, online email lists or direct phone calls where you are wondering about possible promotions or savings events. Never neglect this, as you work to make hotel reservations.

5. Am I satisfied with the facilities?

Many people fail to ask about the facilities of a hotel, and this can be a mistake. Travel to a hotel with a pool can be relaxing or free for a family with children. Also, the facilities that may interest you are whirlpool baths, concierge and room service. When in doubt, call the reception of any accommodation and ask about the specific facilities you can choose from. It never hurts to ask.

If you are visiting London this year, Earls Court is a great place to stay in the city

Travelers who have visited London before and know which areas are expensive are aware that when looking for cheap hotels, Earls Court is not the first place that comes to mind. In most people, the thought that its proximity to the very expensive areas of London and its location in the city center makes the area a limitation for travelers looking for great room deals.

All of this has changed better recently and you will need to do a bit of reassessment now. You can now afford to stay in London hotels in the Kensington area, even if you do not have a refund on your travel budget. There are new hotels and accommodation options in the Kensington area, which offers all the benefits of staying in central London, along with the aggressive prices of hotels and resorts in the more remote suburbs of the city.

For people who are not familiar with the benefits of the Kensington area, one important thing is reached – the location. If you're in London for business, you can go out and walk in less than two minutes to get to Earl & # 39; s Court Exhibition Center. If you want to get to the Olympia showroom, it is just one stop on the London Underground system. s from Earl & # 39; subway station s, which is also a short walk away. Getting to Gatwick or even Heathrow Airport is easy, with Piccadilly and District lines serving both Earl & # 39; subway stations. s.

If you want to get a little shopping in Knightsbridge, which is full of designer boutiques, auction houses and high street stores and it gets better because Knightsbridge is just a few stops off the Piccadilly line from Earl's Court. s. Station. Attractions and sights are also easily accessible by metro or regular bus service from London, which is also available for a short walk from the hotel. So, if you are looking for hotels in London Olympia, with luxurious rooms, friendly staff that will always meet your needs and make your stay in the city a pleasant and unforgettable experience, look no further. Get even better prices by accessing online and booking your rooms today. The city of London is waiting.

Hotels in Central Rome – Termini station area

The beautiful Italian capital should not need an introduction to travel tourism, as it is a destination that is hosting many well-known landmarks and sights, from the old Roman Coliseum and the grounds of the nearby Roman Forum to the three "music boxes". ". „Which make up the modern complex Auditorium. Then, of course, there is Trevi Fountain, Spain Steps, Peter's Basilica & # 39; from the Vatican, the list could actually go further.

Rome is not only famous for its sights, but also its cuisine and culture, both of which are an important part of local local life. Almost every street will have its own bar, not bars like pubs, as the native speakers speak, but rather like a café, where the small TV in the corner will reveal the latest football scores, while regular customers will be chatting. , with numerous types of hand gestures, the state of the nation or any other hot topics that refer to the Italian news.

Romanians, and Italians in general, love the food and, why not, because in the end Italy offers some of the best kitchens around. Local Roman dishes such as Bucatini all & # 39; Amatriciana (empty pasta with spaghetti, bacon sauce, tomatoes, oil, chilli, pepper and sheep's cheese) and Carciofi alla Giudia (crunchy artichokes cooked in hot oil) can be found on most menus in the restaurant. and hospitality. Try to get off the beaten track, maybe in an area just outside the historic center and eat in one of the local restaurants; the food will be authentic and much cheaper! Trastevere and the San Lorenzo student area are great places to eat authentic and accessible Roman dishes and you can usually eat al fresco.

When you arrive in Rome, you will probably do this by train to the main train station, called Termini. The station is located in the heart of the city and is also the main transport hub for Rome and the region. Here you will find a subway station, in fact it is the only subway station where you cross the two subway lines (A and B). Also convenient in this area is that the main bus depot is located just outside the station.

There are many hotels near Termini Station in Rome. Of course, the area has attracted so many hotels and guesthouses due to the fact that there are excellent connections with the entire city. But in addition, many of the sights are also easily accessible on foot from here, and wandering the streets and streets of historic Rome to your destination is an excellent way to discover lesser-known cities, markets and public spaces. .

Udaipur Accommodation

Udaipur is a passionate destination with a flourishing environment of green hills and lakes. People visit this place all over the world to see every year this beautiful city of lakes. Even Hindu disciples from all over the country pay tribute to the many pilgrimage sites in and around Udaipur. To provide a relaxing stay, there are numerous hotels in Udaipur. There is no complexity in terms of accommodation, moreover it is available without any difficulty.

Because it is known as the city of lakes, Udaipur is famous for its lake hotels. You can find a number of such accommodations on the shores of Lake Pichola. From these hotels and small guesthouses, you can enjoy the luxurious sights of the City Palace, Lake Palace and Lake Pichola. A lot of tiny families have turned their houses into guest houses with all the contemporary facilities and serve the guests on a regular basis.

Udaipur is a land of noble nobility with ancient castles and palaces. Nowadays, countless magnificent forts have been transformed into heritage hotels that offer the most excellent facilities to their guests. These hotels have a wonderful environment, which is quite different from others and offers world class facilities. The rooms are well appointed, splendid, spacious and airy, with adequate ventilation. The special facilities offered by these hotels make it the perfect base for a single trip.

The city of Udaipur consists of a variety of luxury, heritage and economic hotels and you can decide the place of accommodation according to your requirements and your preferences and budget. The best thing about accommodation in Udaipur is that, most hotels are positioned correctly, near the air base and the train station.

Places to stay in Udaipur

Luxury Hotels – Rajdarshan Hotel, Lake Pichola Hotel, Heritage Resorts, Jaisamand Island Resort, Quality Inn Vishnupriya and Oriental Palace Resorts etc. are all three star hotels. Some 2-star hotels are Lakend Hotel, Chandralok Hotel, Hilltop Palace Hotel, Pratap Country Inn. Some famous resorts in Udaipur are City Resorts, Matt & # 39; s Hotels & Resorts, Jaisamand Ireland Resort, Aravalli Hills Resorts, Pula Castle Hotel, Vision Hotels & Resorts, Oriental Palace Resorts, Rupi & # 39; s Resorts.

Discount Hotels – To suit every pocket, there are several discount hotels, such as Hotel Gangaur Palace, Madhubani Holiday Home, Caravan Serai Hotel, Paras Mahal Hotel, Anand Bhawan Hotel etc.

Hotels must adapt to the next generation of guests

For years, the baby boomer generation dominated and dictated how hotels behaved and marketed themselves. But now, as more and more Gen Y's s and Gen X's When traveling, hotels will need to become more sensitive to their travel needs and habits. And with the advent of social media as an important marketing platform, hotels will have to refocus their energies on this exciting new environment, an environment dictated by & # 39; young, ahead thinking.

Approaching this change of perspective perspective cannot be easy for hoteliers. It represents radical ideas and demands, even somewhat zealous. For example, in the past, hotels have always left the lights on for their guests at all times. There is even a major hotel chain that uses this concept as a label. But this is not always what this younger generation wants: in a greener, greener environment, these younger travelers would prefer to leave it in the dark. These young people would rather enjoy the darkness, save the Earth and turn the light on themselves than lose all those kilowatts each night. This is a small taste of the larger change that global hoteliers face. Change not only the way they market their business, but even their business model to start.

There are a number of other issues and changes that the young traveler brings when redefining the luxury hotel experience. Technology is obviously in the forefront. And not just the latest technology, but also the latest mobile technology. Booking, watching virtual tours, finding rates (and discounts) from the host hotel, but also from competitors, viewing the layouts, checking in to check everything from their electronic device.

If that wasn't enough, everything that needs to happen before the guest even gets to the foot of the hotel. Once this boot is on the carpet, you should better welcome them with wireless internet (free and high speed), full business services / fax center, electronic keys (single wipe), flat screen TV & # 39 ; s, satellite TV, Tivo, mobile DVD players, iPads, iPod music centers and electronic self-closing curtains. Of course, make sure all this technology is always off when not in use! Continuing the green theme, make sure the beds, towels and sheets are not changed for free and that any laundry or dry cleaning service is as green as possible.

From a design point of view, hotels become more elegant, with furniture to be loaded. The modern design taste of the next century dominates. If your hotel does not appear to belong to the 21st century, you have not obtained reservations in the 21st century. Increasingly, younger travelers and younger travelers with younger tastes dictated by social media dominance will create a change for your hotel. From design, to technology, to booking and marketing methods, the future of the hotel will be found in the eyes of the next generation.

Hotel cancellation fees – a technique to avoid them

From time to time, the unexpected happens. You are in a position where the dream vacation you have planned must be canceled. That hotel cancellation fee or penalty you didn't think you should pay now looks like a reality. You are in the cancellation policy of the hotel, within 48 hours. Raise your phone reluctantly to cancel your highly researched reservation. The feeling of wasting hard-earned money that you carefully saved for this trip darkens your mood. But hold that phone for a minute, there may be a better solution.

Cancellation fees can range from $ 10 to over $ 100. The average tax is around $ 25. Also, many hotels, especially during peak seasons or during special events, will charge the first room tax as a penalty. Cancellation fees are usually 48 hours to 7 days prior to arrival. You have to cancel a reservation due to unexpected events, it is always a discount, but paying extra money for a hotel stay that you will never enjoy is a double effect.

Here is a technique to avoid the taxes and cancellation penalties that we have used several times. If you are within the cancellation period of a hotel, simply call the hotel and change the arrival date of the reservation, so that the date is far enough in the future that you will no longer be in the cancellation period of the hotel. Data. For example, if the initial booking was for arrival on October 15 and the deadline for avoiding cancellation fees was October 13, call the hotel and change the reservation so that the arrival is October 25. Then wait a day or two and then call back and cancel your reservation. Now that you no longer break the deadline, you will be able to cancel your reservation without paying any additional fees.

Are there situations in which this technique will not work? There are a few to be sure. For extremely popular special events, such as Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida, which are booked months in advance or even one year in advance, hotels will not allow changes to the original reservation. Also, prepaid hotel rates almost always require a change fee, as there are more administrative efforts to change a prepaid reservation. The modification fee could cost as much as the cancellation fee. But in general, for most bookings, you should be able to successfully change your arrival date to a certain date in the future, which allows you to later cancel your reservation without paying a cancellation fee.

Regardless, it is good to read the cancellation policy carefully before making any hotel reservations. The website you use to book your reservation should clearly display the cancellation policy for the review before requesting your credit card information. Please note that the vast majority of hotels have very long cancellation policies. For example, a break time of 4:00 pm on the day of arrival is a very common cancellation policy. If a hotel does not have a policy that meets your needs, a street hotel may have a clearer policy.

Past Links – Historic Miami Beach Golf Hotels

From the famous mansions stretching on Worth Avenue and the private expanse of clean Palm Beach to the lively tropical oasis of South Beach in Miami, South Florida has always been a prime destination for luxury and decadence. Rich in culture and history, Miami offers an escape into a world of palm trees, sea and sun, with plenty of shopping, nightlife and golf hotels, to fill the hours between sessions on the sand.

Florida's coveted climate and the long-awaited status of the "Sunshine State" attract golfers from around the world. Whether you are interested in business or pleasure, Miami has historical sites and activities sufficient to meet colleagues, co-editors and families alike. The streets buzz with the remnants of the Spanish origin of the city and are lined with architectural curiosities, from the elegance of the century to the bold fantasy, art deco. But most importantly, no matter where you go, pleasure is on par for the course …

Where to stay: Top luxury golf hotels in Miami

The Biltmore Hotel: Hotels once offered a grand and elegant experience in the old world; they were once a Mecca of high society – a place to dress for dinner, see and be seen throughout the social season. Designed in the high 20's, the Biltmore Hotel is an opulent tribute to these days. Now a thriving resort, Biltmore keeps its great appeal and reputation as one of the most prestigious golf hotels in Miami.

Doral Golf Resort and Spa: Doral is a well-maintained haven of resort culture in Florida. For a more modern experience, spend your vacation at this Marriott golf hotel on 650 acres of lush, green lawn. With a full spa, nationally recognized chefs and a wide range of shops, your only concern will be finding a reason to leave.

Beyond the beach

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: Vizcaya is a national historical landmark in the heart of Miami-Dade County. Built during the jazz era, this masterpiece of design and architecture flourished when Miami was the playground of wealthy industrial people, who designed luxurious estates ideal for fun. The sites open to the public include the richly furnished rooms of the house and the Vizcaya Museum and ten acres of tropical flower gardens with a variety of flowers, from common ferns to exotic orchids.

Espanola Way: After a sunny day, make your way to this charming pedestrian area between Avens Washington and Drexel for an evening stroll. Without spaces for corporate cafes and blaring club music, Espanola Way is a weird corner of preserved architecture and independent shops and galleries. Arrange under the bright lights that lay between the windows and dine on sweet and savory crepes in a genuine French bistro. Be sure to sit outside to catch a warm ocean rush and admire the Mediterranean-style beauty buildings of the early 20th century.